PFDAVADMIN – “Could Not Expand” Error

“Use the Exchange Server Public Folder Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV)-based Administration tool (PFDAVAdmin) to perform various management tasks related to public folders and mailboxes. The tool checks the permissions status of each public and mailbox folder and corrects any problems found. The ability to bulk export/import the permissions and replica lists make this tool […]

Exchange 2007 Sends Attachments As Winmail.dat

To Stop The Winmail.dat issue, make exchange 2007 NOT use Rich Text formatting.  Open Exchange Management Console Expand Organization Configuration Hub Transport Edit the default properties Under Exchange Rich-text format, select Never use. [amazon_image id=”0735627193″ target=”_blank” size=”Small” link=”true”]Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices (Best Practices (Microsoft))[/amazon_image]

How to Change the Outgoing SMTP Port in Exchange 2007

By default, Exchange Server 2007 uses port 25 to send SMTP email using Send Connectors. On occasion you may be required to configure an Exchange Send Connector to use a different port – For example, TCP port 465 is commonly used for SMTP over SSL for secure SMTP communication using the SSL protocol. Configuring the […]

Bulk add SMTP domains to your Exchange 2007 Server

During testing or experimentation, you may wish to add a list of SMTP domains for which your Exchange organization is authoritative.  This cmdlet assumes you have a text file, with one SMTP domain per line, called ‘domains.txt’  Note that the cmdlet has been wrapped in this post. Get-Content c:scriptsdomains.txt | Foreach-Object {New-AcceptedDomain -Name $_ -DomainName $_ […]

Exchange 2007 Emails being bounced from smtp servers

Are your emails getting bounced from SMTP servers out on the Internet.  Check if you are issuing outbound SMTP sessions by using the local server FQDN, and not the server name used in MX/SPF records. Change the FQDN in the properties of the Send Connector. You also need to change the permissions assigned to the Anonymous Logon […]