IPv6: Trillions of new net addresses now possible

A new standard which will enable the creation of trillions of new web addresses has been enabled. Several companies switched to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) at 00:01 GMT on Wednesday. The new system is necessary to prevent the internet running out of available addresses for new devices. Experts said users should not notice any […]

Windows Server 2008 Inside Out

Microsoft opens new competitive fronts with cloud-based Windows Server

[amazon_link id=”0735624380″ target=”_blank” ][/amazon_link]Microsoft opens new competitive fronts with cloud-based Windows Server Nov 12, 2010-  Network World by Jon Brodkin Microsoft doesn’t want to admit it, but a Gartner analyst says the vendor’s decision to offer Windows Server instances in the Azure cloud is opening a new competitive front against partner hosting companies. Before 2010 […]

Windows Phone 7 to Sync To Macs

When Microsoft failed to announce any Mac software for Windows Phone 7 at its event on Monday, many people assumed that meant that there would be no way to directly load content from an Apple computer onto the new devices. However, that will not be the case. “Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public […]

Microsoft Breaks Patch Record With 49 Fixes

Microsoft has broken its previous patch record, set in August, with a mammoth update fixing 49 flaws in Windows, Internet Explorer and a range of other software. Six of the 49 patches are rated critical and Microsoft recommends that the Internet Explorer patch MS10-071, which fixes seven flaws (three of which are public), and the […]

Half Of VMware Customers Virtualise

Half of VMware’s customer base is virtualising Microsoft Exchange and 65 per cent virtualise SQL Server, but the majority of VMware customers are not virtualising SAP and Oracle applications, according to survey data released by VMware. VMware, which makes the most widely used x86 server virtualisation software, revealed the data to illustrate that virtualisation is […]

Microsoft Cures Record Number of Botnet Infected PCs

On Wednesday, at the RSA Conference 2010 in London, Microsoft revealed that it had cured 6.5 million botnet-infected computers during the second quarter of 2010, twice the number identified and removed during the same period in 2009. Microsoft has identified 2.2 million computers compromised by botnet malware in the U.S. during the second quarter of […]

Ubuntu 10.10 desktop reaches through the cloud

The next versions of Ubuntu Linux for desktops and Netbooks launched on Sunday with new cloud features, an updated interface, and better links with other operating systems, Canonical has announced. The software, known as Maverick Meerkat, will both be versions 10.10 of the Linux distribution. They will be available for free download from October 10, sidestepping the […]

How small businesses can take advantage of cloud computing

257Innovations in storage and software services are emerging on the IT landscape. Cloud computing provides small businesses with services such as third-party storage, offsite hubs and servers and subscription software, challenging current business models, while offering convenience and savings at the same time. See the following article from The Street for more on this. The […]

What Is Cloud? How can Cloud help Me? Cloud is the future?

Most businesses would not be happy to be described as “operating under a cloud”. However, one particular cloud on the horizon is being described as a new way of computing which could change the world of |technology, and offer massive savings and efficiencies to businesses and public services alike. Cloud computing is the structure that […]

Hottest I.T. jobs and skills in Cloud & mobile app development

Want to lock in some job security in IT over the next five years? Then make sure you’re poised to move into cloud computing or mobile application development. That’s where the IT jobs are expected to be, according to 2,000 IT professionals recently surveyed by IBM (IBM). IBM’s annual global Tech Trends survey identified cloud […]