Customising Toolbars and Buttons in Publisher

To display the name of a toolbar button, point to the button. To move a toolbar button, press ALT while dragging the button. To remove a button from a toolbar, press ALT and drag the button into the publication window. (Applies to Publisher 2003 and Publisher 2002 only.) To close a dialog box, press ESC. […]

Add navigation bars to a Web newsletter in Publisher

To add navigation bars to a Web newsletter in Publisher Click Design Gallery Object on the Insert menu, click Web Navigation Bars on the Objects by Category tab. Then choose the design you want to use in your publication. (Publisher 2003 & 2002 only)

Font Schemes in Publisher

Make your publication look professional with fonts that look good together. Choose a font scheme by clicking Font Schemes on the Format menu, and then clicking a font scheme in the Font Schemes task pane. This applies to Publisher 2003 & 2002