iPhone – Go straight to top of web page (Safari)

Go Straight to the Top When viewing a Web page, if you want to get back to the top, or access Safari’s address field, you can just tap on the gray status bar at the top of the iPhone’s screen. This will immediately take you to the top of the current Web page.

iPhone – Create a Home Page

When you’re using the regular version of Safari that runs on your Mac or Windows PC, setting a site as your home page is as simple as going to the General tab in System Preferences and typing in a URL. You can’t do that on the iPhone, but you can: Add your `would be` home […]

iPhone – Investigate Links in Safari

Investigate Links In Safari, if you hold your fingertip down on a link instead of tapping, you’ll summon an information balloon that displays the underlying URL. This also works in Mail when you hold on a link. So when those “account update” e-mails arrive, you can just press and hold on the link to find […]

iPhone – Make a call from Safari

Make a Call from Safari If you find a phone number in Safari that you’d like to call. Just tap on the number, and the iPhone will dial it for you. (This also works with phone numbers and URLs embedded in e-mails and SMS chats; tapping on either one will place a call or open […]