Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t look like a huge step forward over 2015’s model. It’s no larger and there’s no major design overhaul – only incremental performance and camera upgrades. But, overall, it makes complete sense: it’s now the 5.1in counterpoint to the 5.5in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge; it’s the phone you want if you prefer […]

Microsoft sues Samsung for failing to hand over Android royalties

Microsoft is suing Samsung over “breach of contract” after the Korean firm allegedly refused to make a royalty payment on patent licenses. Filed in a federal court in New York, the complaint alleges Samsung has stopped making payments for patented Microsoft technology used in its Android smartphones and tablets when Redmond announced it would buy […]

HTC triggers longer battle against Apple

HTC triggers longer battle against Apple 2011/09/11   Taipei, Sept. 11 (CNA) Taiwan’s HTC Corp. has triggered a longer legal battle against Apple Inc. after filing new complaints with patents acquired from Google Inc., the owner of the popular Android operating system., an analyst said recently. Earlier on Wednesday, HTC amended its existing complaints filed […]