Mozilla offers app to create Web pages on smartphones

The Mozilla Foundation wants to make sure that the Web remains a platform where anyone can create content, rather than just a place to consume information and services created by others. The non-profit organization has released an easy-to-use app for Android devices, called Webmaker, that allows users to create Web pages and simple apps from […]

Brits Would Rather Have Facebook than a Shower

Brits Would Rather Have Facebook than a Shower Posted in Facebook on Monday, September 12, 2011, 07:01 A survey of 3000 adults has revealed that Facebook is seen as more of a priority in life than things like shoes, fresh fruit and vegetables, and a flushing toilet. Conducted by the London Science Museum, the survey […]

Android apps for smartphones set to topple Apple

By Kevin Chen / Staff Reporter As mobile-phone applications become a key feature for many smartphones along with increased smartphone penetration, application downloads in the Asia-Pacific region will shoot up this year and Android apps look set to upset Apple’s iOS apps for the first time, according to a research report. Mobile phone app downloads […]