WiFi Security, Verify Physical Security / Access Points

 You can have the best Wi-Fi encryption possible but you can still have someone plugging into an ethernet port in plain sight etc Ensure ALL your Access Points are in a secure place / out of the reach of the public and employees. If possible install Access Points on the wall or ceiling etc. Also ensure […]

WiFi Security, Enterprise-Level Encryption

If you created a WPA or WPA2 encryption key of any type and must enter it when connecting to the wireless network, you are only using the Personal or Pre-shared key (PSK) mode of Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). All Business networks should be protected with the Enterprise mode, which adds 802.1X/EAP authentication to the wireless […]

WiFi -Set Up Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS)

These systems usually consist of a software program that uses your wireless adapter to sniff the Wi-Fi signals for problems. They detect rogue APs, when a new AP is introduced to the network, or when an existing one is reset to default settings or doesn’t match a set of standards you have defined. These systems […]