Helping You Keep Your Data Safe

Our cloud backup service solves any business protection challenges that might arise; with it your data will be frequently backed up to the cloud and kept in a secured data center.
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We strategically plan our backups around your hours of operation, in order to irradiate any impact to your business.

Your data is kept secure from any disaster, our backup service is vital for your disaster recovery plan.

  Our backup services team are on site 24/7 to help you retrieve your data in the event of an emergency.

How it works?

Our team of specialists schedule our backups over a month period. We create a timetable of full and incremental backups that works around your hours of operation, This timetable will be repeated on a monthly basis.

Step 1

A representative from our backup team will contact you and discuss what you want from your plan, and then will schedule a backup timetable to be repeated monthly .

Step 2

At the start of the month, we will take a full backup of each server you have chosen to cover in the plan.

Step 3

After a full backup has been taken, we then take incremental backups for the rest of the month, this is a lightweight backup that uses the full backup and registers changes since that backup was taken.

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