Add or Remove Data Encryption to Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll allows you to choose between faster less bulky backups or fully encrypted data backups.

Whichever you choose, it’s advisable for you to run the repair and compact routine regularly.

Add or Remove Data Encryption

If you have a multi-company licence, changing the Data Encryption settings affects all your companies!

To add or remove Data Encryption:

From the navigation bar, click Desktop, from the tasks pane, click Options

To add data encryption to your backups

From the Encryption area on the Backup tab, select the Encrypt Database check box.

To remove data encryption from your backups,

From the Encryption area on the backup tab, clear the Encrypt Database check box.

Either way a message appears stating the change will take affect next time you access data.

To continue, click OK and  save changes to the Backup properties

Return to the Payroll desktop, click OK.

Your changes will be saved and you will be returned to the Payroll desktop.

Now close your Sage Payroll and run the Repair and Compact Database Utility

When you open Sage Payroll for the first time after changing your data encryption settings, a message will appear informing you that Payroll is setting the database encryption.

Click ok to open Sage Payroll