Exim – Route email to remote server WHM

To route email for a specific domain to a remote server on WHM using Exim:   Go to Exim Advanced Config Editor and add the following under the PREROUTERS section   special: driver = manualroute transport = remote_smtp route_list = domain1.com somesmtp.com; domain2.com somesmtp2.com   Where domain1.com is your domain and somesmtp.com is the address […]

cPanel – Enable Spamassassin To Help Get Rid Of Spam

SpamAssassin is a mail filter installed on a server to identify spam. It checks for spam using many pre-set rules that check the header, body, and sender of all email messages sent to your domain mailbox. SpamAssassin generates a score for each email. Score above the spam threshold and the mail is marked as spam. […]

cPanel – How to Create a New Email Address

Create a new email address using cPanel. When logged into cPanel, click “Mail.” You get a list of links (the page is titled “Mail Manager Main Menu“). You will see a list of your existing email addresses. Click “Manage/Add/Remove Accounts“. At the very bottom, there’s a link “[Add Account].” Note that most hosting companies set […]

cPanel “A restart was attempted automagicly”

When using cPanel you will regularly recieve emails like this: cpsrvd failed @ Apr 05 07:08:11 2007. A restart was attempted automagicly. cpsrvd is “cPanel Service Daemon,” which is gives you cPanel services. It crashes. Often. So often, cPanel handles the crash well by restarting and sending you the above email. So, it’s not a […]

Internal Server Error And How To Use cPanel To View What Caused It

You get a dreaded “internal server error” when you go to view a page on your website. In case you have never seen one, an “internal server error” page will usually be all text and say something like: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your […]