Dreamweaver Design Shortcuts

Dreamweaver Design Shortcuts Alt + F11 Live View Control+` Switch between Design and Code Views Control + – Zoom Out Control + ; Show Guides Control + = Zoom In Control + F2 Insert Control + I Italic Control + J Modify Page Properties Control + Shift + / Guides Snap to Elements Control + […]

Dreamweaver – Coding Shortcuts

F3 Find Next   F4 Hide Panels   F5 Refresh Design View   F7 Search   Alt + Backspace Undo   Control + B Bold   Control + C Copy   Control + E Insert Tag   Control + F Find and Replace   Control + F10 Bindings   Control + F2 Insert   Control […]

Dreamweaver – Creating Rollover Images / Buttons

Design your buttons/images and their rollovers in any graphic editor. The export them to your site’s images folder. In your web page: Click Insert > Image Objects > Rollover Image. In the pop-up window that appears you should give your rollover a name, alt tag, link and browse to locate the Original Image and Rollover […]