Apple rolls out iOS 6.1.3 security update

Apple has rolled out another update for its iOS software to counter a security flaw that had been uncovered putting owners of its devices at risk. This iOS 6.1.3 update, available from Tuesday, is designed to target a security vulnerability that came to light in February that allowed users to bypass the lock screen setting […]

The Biggest Threat to Apple could be HTML5

September 11, 2011 In the world of consumer electronics, Apple has emerged as the leader, redefining a number of industries and generating revenue and margins competitors could only dream for, but that delicate lead may be coming to an end. Since debuting the iPhone just four years ago, Apple has risen to become the No.1 […]

iPhone5 – Latest Update – Sept 2011

With September here, the iPhone 5 rumors are now coming fast and furious. While most rumors from news sites and analysts involve quoting anonymous sources in Apple’s supply chain or those who are ‘in the know’ regarding the iPhone 5, today brought an actual photo which news site Cult of Mac is claiming shows the […]

iPhone5 – Latest News

We’d hoped that, by summer time, we’d be basking in the glow of a brand-new iPhone 5. But no new iPhone arrived at this year’s WWDC, so it’s looking like a September release is on the cards. To quench your iPhone thirst in the meantime, we’ve blended all the freshest iPhone 5 news into a […]

Report Claims Apple Set to Start iPhone 5 Pre-Orders on Sept. 30 then Launched on Oct. 7

Can you tell that we’re getting VERY close to the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPhone? Regardless of which rumors you believe, there’s likely just a few short weeks until Cupertino takes the wraps off of the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S, or… iPhone ?) and ‘new’ reports surrounding the launch of the device are coming […]

Save space on your iPad for more music

Save space on your iPad for more music When you connect your iPad to iTunes, there’s an option under summary that, if you enable it, will automatically convert all songs to 128 kbps, this will save space on the device.

Emailing Web Pages on iPhone

Send  web pages by email on iPhone To quickly share URLs To send a friend the URL of a Web page: Just tap on the address bar Tap on Share A new e-mail message, containing the URL, will open in Mail Simply choose one or more recipients Add any comments etc Tap on Send.

How To Create an iPod playlist on your iPhone

To Create an iPod playlist on your iPhone In the iPod app, tap Playlists Tap Add Playlist and give the list a name. Tap any song or video to add it to the playlist. You can add individual songs, entire albums, or all songs by an artist.

How to Choose or Select your wallpaper on iphone 4

How to Choose or Select your wallpaper on iphone 4 In Settings, Choose Wallpaper, Tap image of the Lock and Home screens, Select one of your photo albums or tap Wallpaper for the Apple-designed images. Select the image you want Tap Set Choose to use it as wallpaper for Lock screen, Home screen, or both.